Horse Donation

The program at SunnyBrook Meadows is constantly in search of appropriate horses.

The ideal horse would be:
• quiet, (not prone to spooking or unpredictable behavior),
• possessing a calm, agreeable, and willing personality
• physically sound for work at the walk, trot, and canter,
• under age 20,
• comfortable and respectful of people working with, on, above, and on all sides,
• agreeable to stopping, standing, and working at a slow and steady pace.

Our current specific needs are:
• approximately 13 hand high loving pony
• 14 to 15 hand western pleasure horse

Horse donations may be tax deductible. Please contact SunnyBrook Meadows for more information or if you have a horse you would like to donate that fits the above description.

Our horses receive excellent care – quality feed, fresh water available, large stalls, regular turn-out, daily stall cleaning, knowledgeable staff, regular hoof care and visits by the vet.